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Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring is Busting Out All Over!

I would have more time to write if our garden weren't doing so well. We have been enjoying fresh greens, onions, and peas from the garden.
Baby Red Russian kale.

Tim on the tractor about to rip rows for the watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, and pumpkins -- the final seeds we are planting this year.

Radishes tell you when they are ready to be picked! The "shoulder" out of the ground.

Baby kale in my beloved salad spinner.

Braised baby kale with tilapia and rice. My photograph does not do it justice. It melted in your mouth with red onions from the garden and garlic.

Sweet peas from the garden. 
Tim teaches me how to crack open a pod of sweet peas. Step one, break off the end that was attached to the plant, but not quite all the way.

Step two, peel back the string that is sealing the two sides of the pod.

Step two continued.

Step three: split the pod.

Step four: eat the delicious peas. These are on the small side, but I was impatient to try my first fresh-from-the-garden peas!
The garden is crawling with lady bugs! How lucky are we!
I guess the ladybugs are a testament to the sustainable gardening practices we use. We are happy to have them because they eat all the other bugs that will eat the plants!